4 vb. "go" VT47:11, cf. VT42:30, VT49:23, attested in the aorist menë in the sentence imbi Menel Cemenyë menë Ráno tië "between Heaven and Earth goes the path of the Moon". In the verb nanwen- “return” or go/come back, -men- is changed to -wen- following nan- “back” etymological form cited as nan-men-, PE17:166. – In examples from VT49:23, 24, Tolkien used men- in the sense of “go as far as”: 1st person sg. aorist menin menin coaryanna “I arrive at or come/get to his house”, endingless aorist menë, present tense ména- “is on point of arrival, is just coming to an end”, past tense mennë “arrived, reached”, in this tense usually with locative rather than allative mennen sís “I arrived here”, perfect eménië “has just arrived”, future menuva “will arrive”. All of these examples were first written with the verb as ten- rather than men-, Tolkien then emending the initial consonant.

Quettaparma Quenyallo (Quenya-English). 2014.

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